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Great Source of Information for Policyholders

If you have an insurance claim or are interested in insurance law, call us … or ignore that shameless plug and take a look at the United Policyholders website, which is loaded with helpful information.   As explained on their site, their mission is to educate the public on insurance issues and consumer rights.

We insure, but we also strive to share and keep you connected.


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Business Insurance in California

Business Insurance Rates in California and How to Protect Your Human Resources

If you’re checking out business insurance rates in California, the chances are you’re a person who likes to protect their assets. You probably also know that your greatest asset is your workforce. Did you know that keeping your workforce healthy is one of the best ways to protect your assets? It can also help keep your insurance rates down. After all, unfavourable working conditions can lead to stress and low productivity.

Ergonomic experts, for instance, can study manual processes in your workplace and provide advice on ways to reduce the risk of injury. Ergonomics can also be used to increase the efficiency of a process. An ergonomics professional may assess your workplace and advise on:

  • Load reduction
  • Job design
  • Workspace improvement
  • Equipment updates
  • Job rotation
  • Employee gymnastics
  • Automation

Of course, they can’t magically remove every conceivable workplace risk. Accidents happen.

You may also be able to improve the way your business responds to worker injuries in the following ways:

  • Figure out methods to modify that worker’s tasks, while that worker is healing;
  • Team up with your healthcare provider to help hurt workers return to the job as soon as it is reasonable to do so;
  • Stay in touch with workers out on injured leave so they don’t feel separated from the workplace.

Contact Nielsen & Geenty Insurance today for affordable business insurance rates in California and we’ll do our bit to protect your assets too.

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